Matawalle Receives Repentant Bandits, Says Fight Against Insecurity Is Everybody’s Business

by Abdul Goni,

Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle  has called on Nigerians to appreciate his administration’s peace and dialogue initiative in the quest to curb banditry and insecurity. 

While insisting that not all Fulanis are criminals, the governor said some of them have been pushed to criminality.

The governor opined  this on Thursday when he received another group of repentant bandits. He believes his reconciliation and dialogue initiative is for the benefit of the country and not Zamfara State alone.

On Tuesday, seven repentant bandits surrendered their weapons to the government and vowed to abandon their former ways.

While receiving the seven repentant bandits and eight women who were kidnapped, the  governor thanked God for the successes recorded in the fight against banditry in the state.

As the government seeks to tackle criminality, more bandits have been surrendering their weapons and ammunition and embracing the peace initiative of the northwestern state.

Some of the weapons and ammunition surrendered by the repentant bandits include seven AK-47, two general-purpose machine guns, one rocket-propelled grenade launcher, several live ammunitions and anti-craft ammunitions.


Some of the arms and ammunitions surrendered by the repentant bandits.

Matawalle appealed to people of the state to see the fight against insecurity as everybody’s business by providing credible intelligence to security operatives to help them succeed in eliminating banditry.

The previous day, three notorious bandits surrendered their weapons to the Zamfara Government.

After giving up their AK-47 rifles and other ammunition, the bandits swore with the Holy Qua’ran not to return to banditry.

One of them who spoke in Hausa at the Government House in Gusau said that they have sincerely accepted the peace initiative of the state government; pledging not to commit dastardly acts any longer.

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